A furry friend that always cuddles up to you; cats are one of the most affectionate pets. Cats do offer unconditional love to the masters but they also require their share of care, comfort and right medical supervision. In all these years of indulging in cat love, We have come across several do’s and don’ts and caretaking measures that go a long way in keeping cats healthy and in best of spirits. More often than not, and even after several veterinary rounds, cats may develop diseases that may take some time to show symptoms and be diagnosed. Our endeavor is to inform the cat lovers of all such measures that would keep their cats healthy and extend their lives.

Unfortunately as the statistics reads it, there has been a sharp increase in the rate of cancer in cats. Cats make beauteous bonds with their masters and to see them suffer pain or bear death, is equally painful for both. We have tried to enlist here strategies of health care and feeding for the cats, their behavioral troubleshooting, basics of relationship therapy and the ways their soul connects with their master. Not only that, We also tried to feature here ways to cope with the pain and grief post cat loss. To bond with a cat and then to lose it untimely, can be one of the most heart wrenching events in a cat lover’s life; the better way to is to learn from the experience, and rework the ways of taking care of your feline buddies.