A Unique Way Of Celebrating Your Pet’s Special Day

Special Family Member

Pets are like children. Ask any cat owner, and they will say this adage is true. They love their little tabby just like they would their own . After all, you feed them, bathe them and nurse them to good health just like you would a . Then why not love them as much (or dare we say, even more) than our kids. Pets never have sassy comebacks at the ready, and they are always prepared to hug out a bad mood. So, when your cat is such a vital member of the family, it behoves to celebrate their special occasions.

Say It With Flowers

How do you commemorate the emotional day when you brought that little kitty home? How do you make the elegant feline member of the family feel on top of the world? How to you reminisce those days when your little cat could fit in the palm of your hand? A unique way to celebrate the birthday of your cat (i.e., the day you brought it at home) is to order a playful floral bouquet from the top Flower Bouquet Shop in your area. Flowers are not just for humans; our pets love them as much. Plus, blooms are a great way of showing love.

Things To Keep In Mind While Gifting Flowers

A White and Black Cat Sitting on the beautiful Flower Pot.

It is safe for cats but any home that allows has dogs should not keep the plant as it is toxic to our furry friends. We know the list looks long and it seems as if there is no flower or plant left to show our appreciation to our chubby friends. But there are some blossoms that are very pet-friendly and is sure to make the day of your cat. These flowers are recommended by Leading Florist In Chennai as gifts on your feline friend’s special day

• Aster
• Alstroemeria
• Celosia
• Daisies
• Fern (all varieties)
• Marigolds
• Orchids
• Pansies
• Petunia
• Roses
• Snapdragons
• Sunflowers
• Spider Plant
• Violets
• Zinnia

But there are some things that need to be kept in mind when picking a flower arrangement for your cat. Some flowers and plants can cause allergic reactions in pets. To ensure that you don’t end up gifting a flower or a plant to your cat that is toxic to them, we asked the leading florist in the state for some tips. They suggested that it is always a good idea to know what blossoms are Pet-friendly flowers and which plants are toxic to them. The knowledge comes in handy when you are gifting flowers not just to pets but also to pet-owners. Here is the list of flower and plants that advised on keeping away from cats.

A White and Black Kiddens sitting on the beautiful flower pot.

• Aloe Vera
• Amaryllis
• Azalea
• Begonia
• Birds of Paradise
• Carnation
• Chrysanthemum
• Daffodils
• Dieffenbachia
• Eucalyptus
• Iris
• Ivy
• Mother in Law’s Tongue or Snake Plant
• Narcissus
• Oleander
• Poinsettia
• Sago Palm
• Tulips
• Wisteria

The last factor to be kept in mind while gifting flowers to pets is lilies. Though the bloom is safe for dogs and can be used to celebrate birthdays, it is toxic to cats. Therefore, if a home has both cat and dogs, it is better to stay away from the flower.


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