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How Has GST Affected the Prices Of Various Pet Products?

With GST reforms announced in the year 2017, the prices of several products have been changed in the last two years. The prices of various pet products, including pet food, pet accessories, pet toys, etc. are changed under GST. Here you would understand about the impact of GST reforms concerning various pet products available in the market.

There is a considerable rise in the prices of several pet care products like pet food, shampoo, conditioners, etc. The 18 percent GST on pet food has increased the prices of various pet foods by 4%. The cost of pet food has not affected its sales. Several Indian brands of pet food are offered with a higher rate of tax after the introduction of GST reforms. Thus it costs more. The cost of imported pet food brands did not change due to GST. The personal care products for pets like shampoos, conditioners, dry sprays, etc. are costlier after the GST reforms. There is no change in the price of pet toys under GST.

Thus pet owners would experience a monthly increase in their expenses with pet care products.


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