Cat Grooming

Importance of Cleaning Your Pet

Grooming or cleaning your cat, kitten, dog or puppy makes them look cute and in fine shape. It is an important part of caring for your pet. Ms. Nazreen, who working in a Pet Spa, now working with Riverday Spa in Chennai, tells us why grooming is important to your pets.. Good teeth cleaning and brushing can do a lot of wonders to your pet. It offers the chance to clean the pet’s coat using a fine brush or tooth comb and helps to keep track about the variations in the pet’s skin. Apart from these benefits, regular teeth cleaning and nail clippings help in preventing various unpleasant health problems.
A Cat lying on the floor with four stones on its body for some massage purpose.There are several advantages of grooming your cat. By taking it regularly to a nearby pet spa, you can improve the pet’s condition. It aids in overall well-being of the loyal pet. A few minutes brushing can freshen their coat. It is good for unclogging pores, removing dead skin cells and improving blood circulation. If the pets have long hairs, the grooming helps in preventing mats that can be difficult and painful to remove especially for cats. Moreover, grooming prevents hairballs.
Grooming helps to keep the entire crannies and nooks clean especially for long haired dogs and cats. It helps in preventing nasty infections in a great way.
It is recommended to take your pet to an experienced and renowned grooming spa once a month. If you have long-haired breeds, you can consider booking an appointment once to twice in a month.
If you are considering home grooming, it is suggested to perform daily brushing every week. It helps both the short haired and long haired breeds in a great way. Moreover, ears and eyes should be cleaned and checked regularly. The grooming procedure for both cats and dogs are almost same. The cats groom on own and they look cleaner than the dogs. It does not require washing. They feel stressed easily so if you think it requires a wash, it is best to use a dry shampoo.
A Cat sitting on the top of the toilet seat and another cat sitting infront of the toilet seat.The majority of cats does not like water. They feel bathing as a tough procedure. They are simply litter trained. They are renowned for their general cleanliness and personal hygiene. Cats are demanding self-cleaners. Over bathing is not recommended as it can remove the essential oils and cause dryness in animal’s skin. If you are not sure about which pet shampoo to use for your cat, get suggestions from your vet.
Most cats love being brushed. It is easy to manage when coaxing your friend. It removes debris and dust from the fur. It helps in distributing vigorous natural skin oils all over the cat’s fur. It prevents hairballs, mats and tangles. It also helps in catching dead fur which would result in adhering to your drapes, carpets and furniture. Vacuum is an important appliance for cleaning the pet’s fur. You need to thoroughly vacuum drapes, carpets, and furniture the more often according to the number of cats you own.
Each pet has its own grooming requirements that should be discussed with your vet. When you go for next check-up, ensure to chat about your pet grooming.


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