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Tips To Groom Your Cat for a Cat Show

Maitre Mao’s Tips to Make Your Cat Ready for Pet Show

Many pet cat owners often toy with the idea of entering their feline friends into a cat show. If you are having these thoughts, you have come to the right place. Pet show event organizers are always on the look for new entries that can dazzle the crowd and wow the judges. According to the experts at, the competition at these pet shows is pretty fierce, with plenty of talented cats coming in from different corners of the world.

Holiday Pet Show conducted by Event Management services named KiyohCattery Experts feel Early Training As An Advantage

If you would like to share your pedigreed kitten or cat with other pet lovers, a pet cat show is an ideal strategy. You might even wind up winning a ribbon. Most top prize winners start their training under their owners’ watchful eye as early as possible. Since pets participating in the shows need to spend a lot of time inside cages, organizers advise training your pets to this from day 1 itself. Since pet shows are often loud events with plenty of music, sound and announcements, your cat also needs to get used to loud noises and stop getting startled each time. One way to do this is by leaving your TV or radio on high volume to get them used to loud sudden noises. Like training for anything in this world, start out with short time periods and gradually increase the duration as you go along.

Get On With Your Pet Carrier

Since pet shows are often held in different corners of the country, you need to get your furry friend used to travelling long distances. You can do this by initially leaving the carrier around at home to let your kitten become familiar with the new object. Then try taking short trips in the car with the kitten or cat riding inside the carrier. This helps your pet overcome the fear of the carrier. In case you have only used the carrier while going to the vet, you need to change gears and go on fun outings to let your pet associate riding in a carrier with positive memories rather than unpleasant ones. Always ensure that the carrier is clean and avoid using a newspaper to line it as it may actually stain your precious cat.

A Healthy Cat Goes A Long Way says Cattery Lovers from Maitre MaoPicture of Cat receiving an award at a Cat Show conducted by Cat Show Management Service Named Kiyoh

Any pet cat, whether you take it for a show or not, needs to be groomed regularly and fed healthy food. You also need to make sure that your feline companion has had all their shots from the vet. Since cats usually grow a good coat of hair when they are on a diet good for them, it can help determine whether or not you need to add more nutrients. After all, every cat has different requirements. Avoid taking an unhealthy pet cat to a pet show since they tend to fall ill while exposed to different germs from the other pets. Daily grooming plays a critical role in ensuring that your pet looks its best for any pet show. You need to remove dead hair, tangles and keep the skin healthy. A daily routine of combing and brushing for five minutes can help with that. Once you have gotten the basics of daily routine down, nobody can stop your feline friend from winning a ribbon at the pet show.

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