Top Cat Sitting Tips For The Uninitiated

Are you fascinated by cats? Do you love playing with them and taking care of these furry creatures? Cat sitting is the perfect match for you. Cat owners are forever on the lookout for people who are are willing to look after their precious pets while they are away for a few days. You can help out such cat owners by cat sitting for them. Since cats love to make new human friends, you will be seen as a friendly face by the lonely cat or kitten. However, like human beings, some cats prefer to remain alone and do not have too much interaction with a new person.

If you are planning on try out cat sitting, here are a few tips to help you get on track:

Ignore the cat

Although this might seem like a strange thing to do, if you are a cat sitter, worry not. Experts advice that you need to let a cat or kitten get used to your scent and presence before they gradually start approaching you. So be patient and give the feline creature time to get used to your presence.

Try to make yourself smaller

Cats tend to perceive larger people or animals as scary and threatening. In order to convince them that you are not a threat, you need to go down to their level. Try crouching down to the floor and sitting crossed leg. This allows the cat to slowly approach you and sniff you so that it can get comfortable with your presence. The sniffing is a way to identify you; cats use this method to get to know new people.

Remain Calm

When you are going to the cat owner’s house for the first time, remember to speak calmly and not make any sudden moves. Your demeanor will allow the cat or kitten to be more welcoming of your presence. If the cat is in another room, make yourself known before walking in, this will prevent the cat from getting startled by your presence.

Blink Slowly

Cats tend to look directly into your eye to determine whether you are a friend or an enemy. Remember to blink slowly to present yourself as a non-threatening person. Prolonged direct stares are also perceived to be threatening by cats.

Indulge in Playtime

Every cat likes to play with humans. Playtime works wonders for their physical and mental health as well. You can find fun games to play with the cat or kitten to strengthen the bond while the cat owner is away. You can use any homemade toy to keep their attention.

If you are cat sitting for the first time, remember to never rub a cat’s belly like a dog’s. A cat sees this as a threatening move and might take a while to establish trust again. If you really feel the need to touch, you can stroke the cat’s cheeks instead. This helps release calming pheromones and will relax the cat or kitten very fast. At the end of the day, if you are a cat person you will definitely enjoy the different joys brought forth by cat–sitting.


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